• Balaji skyz, Nipaniya

    Balaji Skyz-Multistoried Township At Nipaniya, Indore

    Area: 4.3 acre 420 units

    The 4.3 acre site shape being quite odd, the Master Planning has been done in such a way that it minimizes the direct visual connection of any two opposite windows. The overall zoning is done in a very interactive way, to create a socialization space in between two blocks. Also, amenities and facilities like amphitheater, temple, club house, swimming pool and kids' play area are well distributed over the whole site catering to 420 families. The vehicular movement is restricted around the landscape areas.

  • Avasa, Indore

    Avasa- Multistoried Township at Bijalpur, Indore

    Area: 5 ACRE

    Spread over 5 acres, this housing scheme comprises of P+10 mid rise apartments with landscaped greens and multipurpose club house. The layouts adhere to the principles of vastu, with a lot of thought given to circulation and connectivity. Attention to detail ensures that the building services run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Suramya Parisar, Bhopal

    Suramya Parisar- Group housing at Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal

    Site Area: 27 Acres1360 units

    An ambitious township project awarded through national level competition. Spread across 27 acres of area, the master planning is such as to segregate pedestrian and vehicular movement along with interlocking green courts forming clusters. The views and vistas unfold as one move in different directions. At the same time, there is an easy orientation for users and visitors. Humidity, to cool the dry winds, is provided by trees and use of water as a landscaping element. Senior citizen's apartments, club house, commercial amenities are located strategically. All the windows openings are on to the landscaped court ensuring maximum privacy to the residents. The built up and open spaces are such that they promote social interaction.

  • Dtic Campus, Indore

    Smart Building at DTIC Campus, Bhopal

    The aim has been to create a global hi-tech look which has been achieved through artful combination of rough cast texture, glass, aluminium & stainless steel cladding on facade. This apart, the North facing side is fully glazed. The east & west facing sides which are comparatively smaller have been given slit openings. The south facing side of the building is shaded with high space frame for control of heat ingress. It also has yet another large space frame which is equipped with solar panels for energy generation. A plaza space too has been provided on the same side for food court/recreational purpose. There is also the presence of grid which offers flexibility in planning. Besides, It also allows ample natural light in all areas.

  • Speciality Hospital, Kota

    Speciality Hospital, Kota

    Area: 8500 Sq Ft

    Planning for 8500 sq. ft. area has been a big challenge here. The site has constraints like height restrictions, further the site geometry gave way to the design of this 50 bedded facility. The approach of level planning efficiently provides interesting internal spaces while addressing the height constraint. Diagnostic spaces and OPDs have been efficiently and conveniently accommodated on the lower and upper ground levels respectively while private rooms and OTs are on the first floor to benefit seclusion and privacy. The central core cut up to the top level helps to keep the entire scheme naturally lit and well ventilated.

  • AKVN-office Building, Indore

    Office building for AKVN, Indore

    Area: 1.9 acre

    Spread across 1.9 acres, the planning of building form is inward looking in courtyard pattern with controlled exposure and less sun exposed surface to volume ratio. Features like courtyards, careful planning of air distribution system, thoughtful shading devices and screens, terrace garden, water features with landscaping as climate modifier, etc. contribute towards making of this design as energy efficient building.

  • ISBT, Indore

    ISBT at super corridor, Indore

    The stepping of the building translated as skylights, captures the north light. The fascinating assimilation of asymmetric shapes and lines result in opaque and translucent coverings for the bus bays while also creating an interesting play of light and shadow.

  • Pent House at BCM h, Indore

    Penthouse at BCM Heights, Indore

    Area: 725 sqft

    An Interior designing work with a good combination of mass and void. The theme is based on the use of wooden veneer on wall, tapestry for seating and least articulation of elements for defining the spaces.

  • Airtel Office, Indore

    Recreational area at Airtel circle office, Indore

    It was an opportunity to create an atmosphere that is inviting to the employees and to shed away the work fatigue. The flooring pattern and ceiling design guide the way from entrance to the exclusive lounge through indoor sports area. The side segregating sports area and lounge has been designed with large span sliding door which give a feel of one big space when open, merging both the areas for a large gathering. The blank wall has been treated with a very colorful, especially composed sports theme poster, highlighted with special lighting fixtures.

  • Shikharji Dreamz, Arandiya

    Shikharji Dreamz- Group Housing at Arandiya, Indore

    Area: 10.5 acres 92 bunglows 178 flats 16 duplex flats

    The township sprawls across 10.5 acres of land. The concept seeks to develop an integral township having 92 independent bungalows of 3bhk, 4bhk and 5bhk lavish units, along with 10 storied apartment block. The apartment block consists of 178 flats of 2bhk, 2.5bhk and 3bhk units. The upper floors houses 4 & 5bhk state-of-the-art duplex units. The concept in builtform is intended to create dreamscapes and this appears as a symbol form at the entrance to the clubhouse. The structures depict clean geometry. The green buffers of regular shape generate interesting spaces and underpin the urban thought about combining intimate private niches with flexible social areas. The exterior of apartments and villa blocks with combination of mass and void that imparts a theme that breaks away from the otherwise monotonous such building facades. Amenities include state- of-the-art club house, swimming pool, convenient shopping, amphitheater, temple, meditation court, etc adding value to open space.

  • Balaji Heights, Nipaniya

    Balaji Heights- Multistoried Building at Nipaniya, Indore

    Site Area: 2.3 acre 276 units

    A 2.3 acre township having six storied apartments accommodating 276 units with parking floors, club house and other amenities!
    Apartments with well -planned units, which one needs and aspires to enjoy a comfortable life-style. Township is equipped with all amenities that would be essential today. Vastu forms the core of design development. Also, sky-walks (which connect the blocks), landscaped areas, swimming pool, club house, parking floors, etc. form an integral part of the township and add value to the entire design.

  • Bunglow at C.S. Colony, Bhopal

    Bunglow at Chattrapati Shivaji Colony, Bhopal

    Site Area: 2400 sqft 5bhk unit

    This corner plot residence in a posh colony of Bhopal, comprises of enframed masses and voids with heightened textural contrasts. Client's requirement of a four bedroom luxury home with a separate office / boutique space and ample covered parking area, was a challenge this residence design on a 2400 sq. ft. plot was put to. The monotony of an otherwise bulky mass has been interrupted by use of projections and recesses. Further, a combination of dark colored slate chips cladding with light color sand faced plaster add a magnificent contrast to the corner facade. Innovative use of material combination has been done in various spaces such as the juxtapositioning of veneer and laminate, pearl and glass mosaic, wall paper and glass, etc. Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum, if they materializes the place becomes a Dream Home.

  • Residential Complex, Indore

    High rise apartment complex at Super Corridor, Indore

    The main purpose of the design is to provide a signature tower for the upcoming techno hub in Indore. In this context, the tower expresses a collective aspiration rather than individuation in urban living.

  • WTC, Orlando

    World Trade Center, Orlando

    World Trade Centre in Orlando, USA is a twin 28 storied tower with retail, multi- storied car parking up to 14 floors. The rest 13 floors are for offices. Designed as a hybrid structure of concrete and steel with state- of-the-art technology.

  • Honda Showroom, Sendhwa


    Raj Rajeshwar Honda Showroom, Sendhwa

    Area: 1800 sqft

    Strategically located at AB Road, this 1800 sq. ft. showroom cum service centre features mechanized lift parking - symbolizing modern technology in the fast developing town of Sendhwa. A large double heighted space ensures ample light and adds to the special character. Back office and service area at mezzanine level for separation from the front. The exterior features Aluminium Composite Panel and fabricated elements that add to the overall identity.

  • AKVN Admin Building, Indore

    Administrative Office building complex for MP AKVN, Indore

    As MP Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam aims at promoting business, it was felt that the administrative office building should have a state-of-the-art design plan so necessary for any kind of business. Likewise, the look has been achieved for promotion of business achievement. Further, the rational design has helped in getting more natural light and ventilation. There is maximum utilization of office building site as it seamlessly integrates with parking area and other facilities. The overall effect is also good as it has helped create a congenial and happy atmosphere at work place for the dedicated staff and the public. There is a clear segregation of zones and yet has an efficient spatial link. Besides, the effective circular movement provides ample scope for good organization of work spaces.

  • Model School, Bhopal


    Block Level Model School

    The design plan has been so prepared that the south- west side of the building allows funnel cooling, breezes at various points and in the process facilitates adiabatic cooling. The presence of grid facilitates efficient daylight in all working zones and economical structure.
    Abiding by shadow analysis has helped in having secondary classrooms shaded at the time of morning assembly during summer months. The same sun warms up the corridor spaces adjoining courts from the south & west sides. The courtyard, too, has been planned for passive cooling.
    In short, the entire design is oriented towards mitigating harsh equatorial sunlight and providing natural cooling. Areas less frequently used are oriented along north south axis with exposed east side and shading corridor on west side. Deeply fenestrated walls and covered corridors provide shade.

  • Pradhikaran Bhavan, Indore

    IDA Pradhikaran Administrative Building, Indore

    Area: 4560 sqft

    Spread over 4560 sq. ft. area, this corporate interior features seamlessness in design through modern philosophy. The intermittent touches of veneers, subtle wall papers, textured MDF panels and a copious application of glass projects a fresh timeless look that is befitting and helps achieve a more spacious and corporate feel. The visions imparts a well lit, comfortable yet effective work environment while retaining the power packed environment that is complimented by the color palette.

  • Interior at Balaji Heights, Indore

    Apartment at Balaji Heights, Indore

    Site Area:1112 sqft

    The scheme successfully imparts a relaxing ambience to the inhabitant, which is achieved solely through the subtle color scheme and tastefully selected warm tones. Elements like floral motifs and cutwork add a touch of traditional to the otherwise contemporary feel.

  • PSS Spa Salon, Indore

    PSS Salon Spa at Vasant Vihar, Indore

    Area: 2194 sqft

    The design seeks to address the requirement of a royal theme in an area of 2194 sq. ft, while making the most out of a limited budget. It works perfectly to achieve a stable combination of calmness and intrigue but with a rich appeal to it. The overall color scheme is subtle and gracefully matches with darker surface finishes to add contrast and definition. Clever use of golden laminate adds a touch of luxury while fitting within the budget constraint. The ceiling features a play of levels which works effectively with the cove lighting scheme.

  • Lupin Mandideep, Bhopal

    Administrative office block for Lupin at Mandideep, Bhopal

    Site Area:2500 sqft

    The task involved renovation & interior work of Head Office, Conference Room and Visitor's Lounge of a 2500 sq. ft area. A challenging project in every way as it required us to break away from the monotony of the prevalent industrial interiors.

  • Flex Space, Florida

    Flex Space at Belleview, Florida

    For this project of international standard, steel construction technology was considered apt. This way, a feel of traditional architecture was also achieved.

  • Ida Admin Complex, Indore

    IDA Administrative Complex

    The design has been worked out as per prevailing climatic conditions. North south orientation of the built form with least exposure from harsh west sun. South facade with extended horizontal louvers and vertical creepers to reduce the glare effects. Courtyard planning for modulating microclimate.

  • Balaji Enclave, Arandiya

    Balaji Enclave- Row Houses at Arandiya, Indore

    Area: 5.5 acre 113 units

    The project is spread across 5.5 acre land area and has 113 villas. The units are designed to give a spacious feel and efficient circulation. The facade is formed by straight lines composition.

  • Bungalow at Barwani

    Bungalow At Barwani

    Area: 4741 sqft

    With flexible planning and versatile massing, this design scheme features classical exterior. Double height in the living area enhances the spatial character. Open and semi-covered terraces assist in the best utilization of the corner plot.

  • Bungalow at DHS, Bhopal

    Bungalow At Deepak Housing Society, Bhopal

    Site Area: 2800 sqft 4bhk unit

    The traditional slant roof with modern elevation is a successful experiment where we have adhered to client's wish of essential deviation from "contemporary" appearance. This 2800 sq. ft. plot has built mass on both sides which made the light ingress difficult. The house has huge windows, strategic double height space and terrace composition countering the same. Skylights, fixed windows, terraces are the key features of the design.

  • Bungalow at GKV, Bhopal

    Bungalow At Green City Kirshna Vihar, Bhopal

    Area: 4000Sq Ft

    Surrounded by roads on three sides, the challenging assignment gave way to a flexible design. The green marginal spaces on all three sides are interactive in nature as they can be used as an extension of the interior. The large double height dining area ensures even lighting and enhanced space feel.

  • Bungalow at PHS, Bhopal

    Bungalow at Paraspar Housing Society, Bhopal

    Area: 2400 Sq Ft5bhk unit

    The residence is designed to be rich, opulent and sophisticated with infusion of subtle design elements and color. It could be best described as a fine combination of relaxed opulence coupled with ingenious space planning.

  • Bungalow at SS, Bhopal

    Bungalow at Savoy Savan, Bhopal

    Site Area: 1125 sq mts

    Spead over 1125 sq mts area, this project provides ample scope for landscape and external development, which has been utilized in an efficient way. There is a play of levels, textures and surface treatments in order to break the monotony and adds interest. The landscape comprises of spaces like outdoor dining area, kitchen garden, sand pit and also a mini basketball court; such spaces consequently impart an interactive appeal to the landscape. In the interiors, one can observe an inclination towards traditional architecture but with a minimalistic approach. It is so designed that each space has its unique character, yet integrates well with the overall scheme.

  • Club at Balaji Heights, Indore


    Club House at Balaji Heights, Indore

    The club house is centrally located to ensure ease of access from all apartment blocks hence, acts as a focal element for the entire scheme. A balanced play of material and void adds interest to the built mass. A strong visual in every way, it is designed such that it will provide functional connectivity with the sprawling greens outside. Major amenities provided include Party Hall, Gymnasium and Guest Rooms.

  • Club At Balaji Skyz, Indore

    Club House at Balaji Skyz, Indore

    This club house is designed so as to fulfill the functional needs of the residents. And so it incorporates gymnasium, gathering hall, guest rooms, etc. The facade is articulated by provision of vertical fins and glazed wall which give vision of the pool area from the common lobbies. There is also a separate entry to changing rooms and gym. The intermediate entrance foyer is twice heighted to enhance the volume of space. Spacious double occupancy rooms are planned on the upper floors so as to maintain the privacy of the user.

  • Farmhouse at Barwah

    Farmhouse, Barwah

    The design aims to capture the very essence of the place it is situated in. The view is captured at its best through large bay window. Locally available materials such as pebbles from Narmada river bed have been utilized in making benches and wooden batten furniture that adhere with the rustic theme and help it bond with the nature.

  • Leisure Dreamz, Indore

    Leisure Dreamz- Club House at shikharji dreamz, Indore

    Site Area: 11000 sq. ft

    Clarity in function and simplicity in form is the main concept behind underlying the design of the club. According to the master plan, the location of the club House is such that it ensures ease in approach and full frontage to the building. 11000 sq. ft. of area is flexible to facilitate multipurpose usage as per requirement. The party area on the ground floor opens out to the pool side deck, and similarly the recreational areas on upper floor open into large terraces overlooking the landscape. The rear area is well segregated from the front, in terms of entrances and connectivity. Clean, well defined massing and straight lines impart a contemporary character to the overall scheme.

  • MP AKVN, Bhopal

    MP AKVN office building, Tawa Complex, Bhopal

    A rational design approach addresses the crucial beam height constraint and facilitates natural lighting and ventilation. There is a clear segregation between various zones whilst maintaining an efficient spatial link. Back painted glass works perfectly as a substitute for veneer, with additional aesthetic appeal. Overall, the scheme is cost effective and asks for minimum maintenance.

  • IDA Sch. 136-CMR-5, Indore

    Multistoried Residential cum Commercial Complex at CMR-5 Scheme No. 136, Indore

    Area: 2.1 acre 216 flats & 45 commercial units

    A high rise Residential cum Commercial complex is designed considering the linear nature of the 2.1 acre plot. The linear built form has been evolved, articulated by staggering of blocks and segregation of commercial and residential areas. The entries are kept separate too. Residential Zone access is kept from the 12 m wide rear entry & the 60 m wide MR-2 for the Commercial Zone. The uniquely designed ramp, which links, although detached Residential & Commercial Blocks, opens up directly at the Community Hall on first floor created above the Shopping Area. The building form is conducive to tropical climate of the site and has flexibility to accommodate the changing pattern of society. Compact yet spacious, unit layouts ensure that all living spaces look out to the green spaces, providing plenty of natural light and ventilation.

    1. 1. Simplified plan with minimized service lines.
    2. 2. Efficient flow of circulation within the dwelling units.
    3. 3. Efficient planning for adequate privacy as well as proper space for ancillary activities of middle income group.

  • IDA Sch. 136-CMR-1, Indore

    Multistoried Residential cum Commercial Complex at CMR-1 Scheme No. 136, Indore

    Area: 2.6 acre 336 flats & 10 commercial units

    The basic concept adopted was to provide a community living to foster social interaction in low income groups with a concept of elevated street and cluster planning with a courtyard

    1. Cluster Courts are alternating with through and through green spines.
    2. Segregation of pedestrian and vehicular movement with peripheral vehicular movement and parking and no vehicular access in the inner courts.
    3. Connecting bridges at mid-landing level facilitates enhanced interaction while curbing the probability of encroachment.
    4. Apart from ample green spaces it also has a community hall for social interaction & activities plus a large covered area at stilt provides flexibility of harboring social gatherings other than to be used for vehicular parking.

  • IDA Sch. 136-CMR-2 & 3, Indore

    Multistoried Residential cum Commercial Complex at CMR-2 & 3 Scheme No. 136, Indore

    Area: 3.6 acre654 flats & 36 commercial units

    The idea is to develop compact two room tenement, underlying the thought of affordable housing, with convenient shopping area, ample green spaces and basic amenities.

    • Building form is derived from the "Chawls" that is known to facilitate a sense of community and social interaction between the inhabitants.
    • Considering the requirement of commercial cum residential plot, commercial facility has been planned at the ground floor having access from 60 m wide MR-2 road.
    • All corridors are singly loaded with interactive large green space for multipurpose usage.
      • The building form is conducive to tropical climate of the site and has flexibility to accommodate the changing pattern of the society.
      • Compact yet spacious, unit layouts ensure that all the living spaces look out to green spaces, providing plenty of natural light and ventilation.
    • Neat structural grid is opted for simplicity and cost optimization in design and flexible spaces.
  • Marriage Garden, Kumedi

    Marriage Garden, Kumedi

    It is being planned & designed for large scale gatherings. Accordingly, there are 2 main gardens coupled with covered facilities like guest rooms and kitchen areas. Flexibility has been achieved through site zoning which allows the users to conveniently use or segregate the garden areas according to the need. Aesthetic interest has been achieved by incorporating a focal water feature, indigenous flowering vegetation and interesting flooring treatment. This apart, ample parking space gives added importance to the Marriage Garden.

  • Anandam Pigdamber, Indore

    Anandam Multistoried Township at Pigdamber, Indore

    Area: 20.54 acre

    This 20.54 acres project accommodates 281 singlex, 456 low rise and 300 mid rise units. Efficient unit planning ensures simplicity and clarity. A continuum of green enhances the nature of the spatial enclosures at different points throughout the scheme. Along the main artery, a combination of punctures of green with the built massing creates interest and effectively breaks monotony.

  • Choubey's Residence, Bhopal

    Choubey's Residence, Bhopal

    Spacious, sophisticated and contemporary being the leading style, terraces connecting the outside to the inside. A design to make it stand out in the neighborhood. A practical home for the new age family. With flexible planning and versatile massing, it features play of light and openness in living spaces, strategically double heighted connecting the vertical spaces and light ingress. The play of textures, colors, finishes on the interior and exterior walls, the balance of voids and masses are some more key features.